Happy New Year Everyone!


So what does 2015 have in store for you?

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Responsive is the Answer

Responsive Web Design

In the market for a new website? Not sure what to do? This article is for you!

Nowadays, much of web traffic comes from mobile devices, 28% to be exact! That means that almost one in three visitors is viewing your site from his or her phone or tablet. While it’s great that anyone can access your site from virtually anywhere, you need to be prepared for this type of traffic and make sure that your site is optimized for these smaller screens or you may lose out on potential sales.

How should you do this, you ask? Make your website responsive!

Responsive web design is a fairly new method that recognizes a user’s browser size and adapts the website layout to best fit the dimensions so that visitors can easily navigate the site on any device. Think of it as a combination of traditional web design and mobile web design, or as Charles Darwin would call it: the next step in the evolution of the internet.  ;)

A great advantage of responsive web design is that you no longer need a separate mobile site. In the past, mobile sites were basically entirely separate from their main websites. In addition to being less efficient, this proved much more costly for the customer. Responsive web design allows for a more cohesive solution, which provides for an integrated experience while also saving you cash money.

What’s that? You want some examples? Well, check out our site www.websyouweave.com from your smartphone or tablet! Other great examples (by yours truly, of course) include:




So remember, responsive is the answer!

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New Responsive Site!

If you haven’t already, check out our new responsive site on your smartphone or tablet!

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Check out the new OnlineOralSurgery.com, designed by Yours Truly!

OnlineOralSurgery Homepage

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Turn an online customer’s “no” into a “yes”

Sometimes no doesn’t really mean no. Many times, a customer simply wants you to help them make a decision by answering their questions before they pull out the credit card. Their first instinct says no, but what they really want is for you to convince them to say yes. Maybe their budget is tight and they just want to be cautious. Maybe they don’t understand your product and want you to explain it to them.

There are a hundred different reasons why people might initially say no to you. Your job is not to shrug and walk away, but to get to the truth behind the no and find out how you can really meet their needs.

Online, it’s your copy that must do the job of getting past no by knocking down every objection.

Here are some simple tips for getting past “no” online:

* Break the ice with a cheaper version of your product as a lower-risk purchase. They’ll get to know a little bit more about you and will feel better about buying more in the future. Even making a tiny purchase, say a $7 special report, makes it much more likely for that customer to buy from you again.

* If your product is expensive, offer a payment plan. $39.99/month for three months looks much cheaper than $119.97. Any good shopping cart program can handle this for you.

* On your landing page, go ahead and confront the most prevalent objections head on. Don’t be afraid to mention them . . . your customer has been thinking about them from the moment they clicked on your link.

* Does your website look great? Don’t think this doesn’t matter. A superb looking retail website design is more important now than ever, so if you don’t know anything about website and blog design (and chances are you don’t) find a professional website designer and give your page a facelift. A business website design produced by web page developers will give you an edge.

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Tips for consumer bankruptcy lawyers

Remember when being a consumer bankruptcy lawyer was easy? Not too much competition, more clients, and better fees? Those days are over.

When the recession hit, everyone got into the bankruptcy field. Not only newly-minted attorneys but also those who practiced in other areas that were suffering from the economic meltdown. And for awhile, it was alright. There were enough filings to go around, and not enough lawyers to take on the work. Then filings started circling the drain. In fact, we’re on track to see at least 25% fewer filings than there were in 2011. Even places like Florida, Arizona and California – places where filings remained high even as the rest of the nation declined in 2011 – are feeling the pinch.

There’s good news, though. Most bankruptcy lawyers still haven’t gotten their arms around this whole marketing thing. So here are 5 ideas you can use;

Expand Your Network

The best clients come from referrals, right? If you haven’t already done so, get in touch with your professional contacts and past clients to remind them that you welcome their referrals. Professional network a bit … underdeveloped? Using tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and your “real-world” skills, you can meet more of the right people and get yourself back on track fairly quickly.

Create Content

Blogging, podcasting and video creation put your expertise in the spotlight. Fire up a WordPress blog and start showcasing yourself, or create a custom web page designed by professional web designers to highlight your online legal services. A legal business web page design should be customized to your discipline, making it easier for your legal website to be found by those looking for it. Remember, however, that you need to optimize your content so it’s found by the search engines and readable by your ideal prospective clients. Don’t alienate readers in your quest for the top spot on Google.

Cut Costs

Saddled with too much paper or expensive applications that require never-ending and costly updates? Look to some of the low-cost and no-cost options to lower your annual operating expenses without sacrificing the quality of your work.

Increase Productivity

When you’re looking for new applications and hardware for the office, keep an eye out for those critical things that will make your faster and more efficient. The less time you spend rifling through your files looking for a key piece of research, the more time you’ve got to drum up more business.

Get Paid What You’re Worth

The increase in competition means people are lowering their fees or settling for the “no-look” in their area. That’s a huge mistake. Rather than settling for the bottom of the pricing scale, consider establishing your value by showing your expertise, honing your skills, and (if allowed in your area) getting client testimonials. Build you online profiles with services such as Avvo and LinkedIn so potential clients know they’re getting the good stuff when they hire you.

Also, start looking to fee applications as a way to get compensated for your hard work. Flat fees in Chapter 13 cases are a losing proposition.

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The Truth About WordPress

WordPress Logo

Many people think of WordPress as simply a platform for blogs; however it is so much more powerful than this. In fact, if WordPress had feelings, it would be offended that its reputation was so limiting. It’s like calling Michael Jordan a good shooter or Pete Sampras a premier server or Lance Armstrong a…..actually forget that last one. Of course, these statements are true, but they minimize the overall ability of these amazing athletes and exemplify only one aspect of their greatness.

Check Out Our WordPress Design Package

Check Out Our WordPress Design Package

Sure, it is great blog software, but with all of the plugins and updates that exist today, WordPress is a superb platform for almost any kind of website. The beauty of WordPress stems from the fact that it is open source software. This means that not only is it free to use, but also random developers can continually update it and create new plugins to better its performance. This flexibility and expandability allow you to easily keep your website up-to-date, which Google and all search engines appreciate very much.

You may have heard that WordPress is very SEO friendly. There are a few reasons for this. For one, it makes it very easy to incorporate a blog, which search engines love because it shows that you are invested in your website enough to continually update its content. If you didn’t get the hint, make sure you have a blog on your website! Aside from this, though, WordPress has some great SEO plugins (such as All in One SEO) that make it very easy to optimize your pages for search engines. These plugins make it so you don’t have to go through each page and enter all of the meta data yourself, because let’s face it, you probably have better things to do with your time.

Possibly the most enticing aspect that is readily apparent to WordPress users is the simplicity and ease of use on the front end. Once your website has been designed and developed, you can easily manage the content yourself! If you’ve ever posted on Facebook, then you will have no trouble using the admin section in WordPress.

Here is a list of 10 reasons you should be using WordPress for your website:

  1. Save Money - You no longer need to rely on professional web designers and developers to make the most basic text and image changes for you. In fact, you can even add and remove pages yourself. This will not only save you money, but also give you the ability to make changes on your schedule, whenever or wherever you want.
  2. Consistency Between Pages - Add and remove pages and rest assured that they will all fit with the layout and feel of your site. This greatly reduces confusion for your visitors.
  3. SEO Friendliness - Consistent and streamlined code without excessive HTML.
  4. Growth Potential - You never need to manually edit javascript files and complex PHP include files since WordPress automatically updates the navigation when you add pages.
  5. Communication with Visitors - Encourage visitors to participate just by having a comment section. This is great for interactivity but it is also wonderful for SEO as visitors’ comments include content and keywords that help you build better search positioning!
  6. Free Upgrades - Keep your website up-to-date for free, unlike other software that requires you to pay for updates.
  7. Universal Platform - Many web designers and developers will not touch traditional websites that were created by someone else. So, if you are having problems with a traditional website and your original developer is out of business, you usually have to hire someone to redo your website from scratch. However, with WordPress, almost anyone with basic PHP and MySQL experience can jump right in at a moment’s notice if something were to happen to the helper(s) that got your blog site set up for you in the first place.
  8. Reduced Loss of Work - Ever lose a paper in high school or college? Then, you know how terrible it feels! WordPress automatically saves your work as you type, even if you haven’t published to the web yet. 
  9. Mobile Readiness - No need for a special version of your website for phones or tablets. WordPress automatically recognizes a user’s device and fits the page to their screen.
  10. Easy Media Incorporation - Easily add images, audio and video yourself!

So, what are you waiting for? Call us at (800) 651-3136 to design your WordPress site or convert your existing site today!

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Growing your medical practice

Depending on the type of medical degree you earn, you may opt to start your own private medical practice. A medical practice, however, is a business just like any other. Your patients are essentially your “customers,” and you must find ways to attract new patients and keep the existing ones in order to see your practice profit. Successful marketing techniques and proper treatment of patients are key factors in expanding your patient base and seeing your medical practice grow.


1 – Ask other physicians to refer patients to you if you are a specialist. Individuals often need additional treatment that a general practitioner cannot provide. If you practice a specialty discipline, you will be able to provide more thorough care for patients with conditions in your field than a standard family doctor.

2 – Advertise your practice in the local media. You may opt to use radio advertising, a newspaper ad or even film a short television commercial if your budget permits it. You should also make certain that your practice is included in the local Yellow Pages. This will help you reach individuals who may be in need of your services but are unaware of your practice.

3 – Develop contracts with numerous insurance providers. Consumers with insurance will rarely choose to visit a doctor whose services are not covered under their plan. By accepting multiple forms of insurance, you will be able to provide for a larger patient base.

4 – Charge reasonable fees for your services. Insurance companies rarely cover 100 percent of a patient’s care. If the out of pocket expenses are too high, your patients will find a cheaper doctor. Reasonable fees ensure that you can keep your current patients while also attracting new ones. If you can afford to do so, you may opt to write off additional charges for lower income patients such as coinsurance or deductibles.

5 – Design and implement a website. A custom web page will result in patients who search for a new doctor on the Internet to consider your practice. Every day, people search the web for the services you’re offering, so making sure they find you is critical to growing your practice. Consult with a web designer on a website design and development strategy to help you create a website design tailored not only to your strengths and expertise but to the specific clientele that will be seeking you out. Additionally, professional web developers can assist in maintaining your site and making sure your marketing strategy stays on track.

6 – Treat all patients with kindness and respect, no matter how silly their concerns may seem or how irate they may be. This will result in your patients holding you in high esteem and referring your services to their families and friends.

7 – Offer payment plans for the uninsured. Many medical practices will refuse to take on new clients if those clients do not have adequate insurance. By accepting patients with no insurance and allowing them to make regular payments to you to cover your services, you are providing them with the medical care they need while they help you to grow your medical practice. You may also join your state’s Medicaid program. This will allow you to provide care for those who are covered by Medicaid and receive reimbursement from the government for your services.

8 – Train your staff well. Staff members who are courteous to individuals when they call and can answer questions in a friendly manner make your practice look more appealing to individuals in need of a doctor. If a staff member is rude or unhelpful to an individual when he calls, he will likely seek his medical care elsewhere.

9 – Send mail to your existing patients reminding them of when a checkup is due or notifying them of new medical techniques.

10 – Consider taking on a partner with a different specialty than your own. A partner will bring his own client base with him and attract additional patients to the practice.

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Finding your first photography clients

After years in the business, sometimes it’s difficult to think back to the very first day you opened your doors and waited patiently until the first client came in. Chances are even if you’re brand new, you’ve started out with friends and family just to gain experience and to get your portfolio up to where you had something to show other prospects. That’s the best way to start. For example, if one of your dreams was to do love portraits, or photographs of two people in an image that portrayed a scene of romance, you’d most likely start off with friends and family in a variety of photographs, which you would then use to show potential clients what you had in mind. You need to have samples of what you truly want to do. A potential customer can’t read your mind, and they can’t picture what you describe. They have to see it to believe it, and want it, and you don’t even need dozens of images. Just one or two to get your ideas across.

Then it’s time to get out and network. Bring your images with you and head out to a networking group. You can find dozens of them around your local area. Look in newspapers, call your chamber of commerce, or even jump on sites like Meetup.com, where you could conceivably develop several networking opportunities in just a matter of minutes.

After that, go out and talk to people. It may take you several groups to find your first customer, so don’t get discouraged. People at networking groups are out doing the same thing as you. You will run into the same people again and again. This builds trust and familiarity. Even if they don’t need your services, they may talk to someone later in the event and say, “You have to meet this photographer I just met…” It will happen, just stick with it!

One major area where today’s startups have an advantage over photographers of a decade or two ago is the internet. It’s no longer enough to just have a business card and use print advertisements. You must have a business website. Moreover, you must have a site designed by a professional website designer. Webpage developers that specialize in e-commerce websites know more about the ins-and-outs of an effective business webpage than you do, so it’s advisable to consult with them. And it won’t cost a fortune either, your photography website can not only look great but be very affordable as well.

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Generate new leads for your real estate business

Every real estate agent needs to be constantly obtaining new clients in order to have a consistent stream of business. Check out these top 5 techniques to help you generate more leads and find more new clients. These tips will help you find more prospective buyers and lead to more success as a real estate agent.

1. Marketing

You likely already pass out business cards and flyers, but there are several other ways to market yourself. Try online marketing on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. These are all common sites that get used daily by potential clients. In addition, having your own website and/or blog is essential. A real estate blog can be one of the centerpieces of your real estate marketing strategy so do it right the first go-round. Hire a great web page developer to discuss and implement your website design ideas. When you create your own website you are opening a door to an unlimited source of prospective clients, so make sure the website design company you work with helps you to reach them.

2. Become Part of the Community

Become active in the community; volunteer or organize an event for kids, families, charity groups or anything else that you might enjoy doing. A parade or picnic is always fun, and helps to get your name out in the community, which in turn is good business as well as good service. Hosting your own an event will likely be the best publicity you can get, and your community will benefit from it.

Just be very careful when you mix business with community or charity events. Avoid selling, talking business or being too pushy at these events and only get involved if it’s something you truly believe in. The goal is to create awareness by showing a bit about yourself and the things you genuinely care about, not to directly generate leads.

3. Open Houses

An obvious, but very effective way to generate targeted leads is to host an open house at one of your listings. This will bring clients into a home for sale and allow you to meet with them and show them how great a realtor you are. You can advertise the open house and even mention it to the surrounding homes.

Another way to reach out to the community and potential clients is to host an open house at your office. Let potential buyers come in and meet you. Offer appetizers and some form of entertainment to bring interested clients to you. Have a speaker or open forum to discuss real estate and buying or selling real estate.

Obtaining new real estate clients is often built on personal relationships, and these are two great methods of expanding your network and allowing people to get to know you first.

4. Specialize

Find your passion and become a specialist. If you love the beach (who doesn’t?), luxury seaside properties or cottages might be your specialty. Or historic homes, palatial estates, old farmhouses, or anything else you enjoy. Your enthusiasm will be evident, and the fact that you become known as a specialist will bring more of the best listings to you. Moreover, if selling in a neighborhood is your goal, become a specialist for that neighborhood. Referrals will become more common, as neighbors tell one another who helped quickly sell their home.

5. Become a Great Agent

Easier said than done, but great service and knowledge will be your best tool for word of mouth referrals. Take classes, learn more and increase your value as a real estate agent. Go the extra mile for each and every client and your listings will increase as well as your awareness among potential clients. Remember the simple things, like following up and sending thank you notes.

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